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During your appointment, Dr. Krause will perform a dental exam to gather information about your oral health and ensure comprehensive treatment.

Checking for dental decay is only a small part of a complete oral exam. Dr. Krause will also check for gum disease and examine the health of your entire mouth. Additionally, we will obtain any medical and dental histories and gather diagnostic information from x-rays, laboratory test or other necessary tests.

Did you know your oral health is integrally connected to your general health? This is why checkups are so important! Some diseases or medical conditions have signs that can appear in the mouth before symptoms show up elsewhere in the body and at dental checkups we carefully watch for them. We recommend a comprehensive dental exam for all patients who are new to our practice. For existing patients, we recommend a comprehensive exam every three years.

Our comprehensive exams lay the foundation for excellent dental care and allow us to devise a strategy for long-term health and comfort for our patients. If you have any questions about the examination process, please don't hesitate to ask. Our caring team works hard to ensure that every exam experience is easy and gentle.

The comprehensive dental exam includes:

  • Prescriptions
  • Extensive medical and dental history
  • Review of any medications patient is taking
  • Blood pressure for all adult patients
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Full periodontal exam and charting
  • Limited occlusal examination
  • TMJ screening


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